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We always provide a consultation before your treatment to make sure we choose the right methods to help you

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Treatments are only £60 per hour with our highly qualified therapists

Aftercare Programme

We will provide you with a full aftercare exercise programme including video tutorials

Professional, Affordable Sports & Remedial Massage in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire
Anca Bratu


I am a qualified Sports Massage and Remedial Therapist, Pregnancy Massage Therapist and a Myofascial Release Practitioner, Dip. SMRT BTEC L5, NLSSM, MSMA.


I first trained as a fitness instructor in 2012 and started “abusing” the gym therefore sustaining a good amount of injuries that proved quite difficult to "fix" at the time...Having done some research, I came across a therapist that successfully rehabilitated me and also introduced me to to North London School of Sports Massage. This is very I began my journey to become the therapist and the person I am today, so Thank You Berry!

Shortly after graduating I started working at NLSSM as an assistant tutor, now dividing my time between teaching and treating a range of individual clients as well as working with professional associations such as World Cup Rugby and American Football teams.


I am a full member of the Sports Massage Association and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. Part of the SMA purpose is to establish and maintain ethical, professional and educational standards for soft tissue therapists. The SMA also requires its members to complete regular CPD training courses.


I always try to find a way to share a small part my knowledge with my clients and educate them in how to stay healthy and prevent injuries or aches and pains.


We Offer

For the future and the new mum to help with the discomfort that her body will go through in order to create a human being.

To get you physically performing to your maximum capacity staying away from injuries.

We all need a bit of love and support and even more in situations like these.

For those muscles that are being over used or not worked enough.

To improve the function and appearance of a tissue that has been disrupted.

Just because it’s so gentle it does not mean that it cannot reach deep depths in the soft tissue.

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