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Body Poem was created by Katie Sarra and is a revolutionary therapeutic tool designed to illuminate the unknown and unspoken parts of the self via spontaneously emerging poetry.

Once we start our session, we step into our roles as The Dreamer and The Scribe with the invitation to begin exploring.

We arrive in this safe space using breath and guided meditation followed by clean language questions like:

  • and what do you notice?

  • and where is that .... that you notice?

  • and that's like what?

  • and what would you like to have happened?

  • and if that ... could speak, what would it say?

Personally, as a dreamer , I found the clean language questions very precise keys to secret doors… I was very surprised by my answers so the session felt quite playful.

These questions feel like guides to the beyond, they feel safe, they feel like they know exactly where they will take me on my expedition.

In my last Body Poem session, I was describing how with the question “…and that’s like what?” got me to go deeper. At first, I felt a sensation in my body then an old memory came to the surface…talking about free time travelling :D

Body Poem is a tool/a torch with which we can illuminate our unknown thoughts and speak what has been supressed or locked away. 
Belonging is an essential need for humans in their existence but in seeking that, we tend to deny and suppress what matters most individually, making us lose connection with our authenticity. 

I always say that as your dream scribe there's no judgement or interpretation of anything that's being brought forward by the dreamer...I'm simply just "holding a mirror up", just repeating back to you what's been said so you can choose what you'd want to do with it or where you'd want it to land.

The invitation for different directions to explore are limitless...we can also choose to dive into an environment (a real or imagined place), a dream that might keep coming back or that you thought "oh, that was a strange one!" or we can explore an "I want list" with all the things you really want and matter to you.

Here are some of my other brief reflections:

Feng Shui

A different kind of world, a different kind of ‘moment’…Who knew that a chair could speak?

As a dreamer there’s always some sort of curiosity and joy exploring either a made-up place with its colours, textures, objects with their moods, or a place I remember. I often find myself saying: ’oh, that’s surprising!’ as I never used to look beyond and into the soul of an ‘object’…creativity and playful mode are definitely getting higher. 😊

As a scribe I felt very grounded and patiently waiting for noticings to be brought up. I was grateful to the dreamer for sharing their environment with me and allowing me to explore with them.

Dream Poem

As the scribe – I believe that asking the question “If you could give your dream a title, what might that be?” creates a safety feeling for the dreamer; this way they can take a step back and describe the dream as they would describe a movie or a book they read.

There is always a lot of information to work with and I appreciate how asking clean language questions would get the dreamer to observe elements they haven’t noticed before in the dream.

As the Dreamer – I always forget my dreams but having a notebook next to my bed is a good idea… working with a dream that I’ve had a couple of weeks before the session is interesting, brings up new emotions when I start reading it…and I notice them…I could be surprised that I cannot remember that part of the dream or it could be something I want to hide for various reasons.

I always felt held and supported by my scribe and realised that there’s always a different meaning to my dreams than I thought so.

I want list

As the scribe I feel very trusted by the dreamer with such an intimate role/part that I need to step in.

I often see that dreamers can be very judgemental with themselves looking at what they wrote down on that piece of paper…the reaction to that would be to straight away console them but deciding to just be there as a listener has greater value.

As the dreamer and not used to share such deep thoughts felt daunting up until I was asked “how was that like to read out the list?” I feel that with that question some of my inhibitions dropped and I was able to communicate more freely and to say with more confidence “I want…this”.

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Anca Bratu Body Poem


Anca is a fully qualified Sports Massage and Remedial Therapist, Pregnancy Massage Therapist and a Myofascial Release Practitioner, Dip. SMRT BTEC L5, NLSSM, MSMA.

She studied at the prestigious North London School of Sports Massage and is a full member of the Sports Massage Association and the Association for Soft Tissue Therapists.


Anca always tries to find a way to share a small part her knowledge with her clients and educate them about their bodies for the purpose of preventing injuries or aches and pains.


She's also an assistant tutor at NLSSM, dividing her time between teaching and treating a range of individual clients as well as working with professional associations such as World Cup Rugby and American Football teams.

Why Our Clients Choose Us


Appointments available from 7am - 9pm weekdays and weekends from 10am - 5pm

Prior Consultation

We always provide a consultation before your treatment to make sure we choose the right methods to help you

Affordable Treatments

Treatments are only £69 per hour 

Aftercare Programme

We will provide you with a full aftercare exercise programme including video tutorials

Professional, Affordable Sports Massage in 
Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

Pauly S

★★★★★ Went to see anca with back/muscle pain and got an appointment at very short notice on a Sunday :) Anca is very professional and took time to understand my problem area's and history of pain before starting treatment.

The massage was firm and she always made sure i was comfortable and wasn't causing any additional pain. After the session she followed up with email and some stretching videos to help relieve the pain and hopefully prevent it. Would highly recommend and will definitely be back if i need her again.


Rob Sansom

★★★★★ Professional, knowledgeable and very good at her job. Nice clean comfy house and she puts you at ease. After one session I have noticed a difference, with some handy exercises that show straight away what a professional eye can achieve. Highly recommend.


Antony Leather

★★★★★ My first appointment with Anca was fantastic. Getting to her was easy as was parking and her house and treatment room were spotlessly clean and modern. She identified a number of trouble areas that needed attention in a very thorough and detailed consultation and proceeded give very deep, focussed massage and stretching on these areas that was spot on. However, she always made sure I was comfortable and that nothing was too painful, but wow it really did feel like she was solving lots of problems that had been lingering for ages! She just seemed to know instinctively where the tight spots were - and I had lots of them. To top it off, I already have some exercises to try at home we practised in the session and she followed up the meeting with an email with video links to follow too.  As others have said, she's very personable, friendly, intelligent and professional and is clearly an expert at what she does. The time flew by - I'll be returning myself and can highly recommend her to anyone suffering from back or muscle problems.


Sarah Buxton

★★★★★ Anca was great!  She was very thorough and knowledgeable and nothing was too much trouble.  She explained everything to me too and gave me follow up exercises to do.  She has a lovely, calm manner and used the perfect amount of pressure during the massage.  I will see her regularly and would definitely recommend her!


Will Bell

★★★★★ I had a first single session with Anca yesterday and, having had a few sports massages in my time, it was a really good experience.  Anca spent a lot of time trying to understand the nature of the problem - some therapists more or less jump straight in - and she was careful as well as firm.  The place was easy to find & park at, and inside was clean & professional.  Recommend.


David Alexander

★★★★★ Having had dozens of physio massage and medical massage by various professionals , my opinion is that ancu is a tallented natural ,with highly developed sensory acuity to the, body and the abnormalities present ,which are the pain causing triggers..

I slept  like a log ,and was able to do so on my left side ,first time in years😊 without  the pain building up.

Best treatment ive had by far 10/10.


Claire Warren

★★★★★ First appointment with Anca today and I can highly recommend her, very professional yet friendly. I'm pleased to say I've noticed a difference already :)


Susan Godding

★★★★★ Anca provided a very good massage and helped me with my back pain instantly. Anca has a very friendly nature and this makes the experience very relaxed.


Matthew Rogers

★★★★★ Went to see Anca for the first with a stiff back from rugby and found her to be very knowledgeable and professional. She talked through all the problems affecting my back plus an old hip and shoulder injury and suggested solutions and stretches to help alleviate the symptoms and causes. She even emailed me over a program of stretching exercises to help me prevent more problems in the future.

I would thoroughly recommend Anca for anyone struggling with sports or just day to day aches and pains.


Astrid Thorpe

★★★★★ I have suffered with back and shoulder pain for years, I have a massage every now and then but nothing has compared to Anca. She is nothing short of a miracle worker! She is also very friendly and welcoming. I felt relaxed straight away. Lots of knowledge, very strong and completely at ease with what she is doing.


John Baker

★★★★★ Anca is truly a pro at sports massage. From a combination of my work and all the sports I play I have had a lot of issues all over my body which she has expertly been able to identify and treat. As well as being extremely good, she is also very kind and is always in the mood for a good chat, there is never an awkward silence! I would recommend her to anyone! 


Lottie Tant

★★★★★ Anca was very friendly and made me feel very relaxed. She was very helpful in helping me out with my sore shoulders and gave me stretches to help prevent future pain. She also gave me tips about my running and other stretches I can do. I would recommend her to anyone.


Chris Mccullough

★★★★★ Anca is wonderful, full of energy, with a good sense of humour, but above all, a very fine masseuse. My shoulder and back haven't felt this good in years and its a pleasure to get such a rousing welcome from Baxter.


Ryan Louise

★★★★★ Very good experience, Anca is very helpful and knowledgable and goes out of her way to help you!


Chris Drake

★★★★★ Anca was an absolute godsend when I pulled a muscle in my shoulder at the weekend. She was happy to give me an appointment within 90 minutes of me calling her and the treatment was first class.

A very friendly and enthusiastic person who really makes you feel at ease. I couldn't recommended her enough and wouldn't hesitate to book again.


Ash Sharma

★★★★★ Anca is both professional and highly personable. She worked hard to understand my ailments and even harder to rectify them. A very effective therapist.


George Stannard

★★★★★ Anca has very skilful hands and diagnosed my problem very quickly. Would recommend highly - excellent Sports massage! Very nice therapy room. Will definitely return. 


Matt Woop

★★★★★ Fantastic sports massage, very friendly, will definately be going back when i need another.


Chifumi Fukui

★★★★★ Anca is very professional and friendly, she made sure I am comfortable through the treatment and I felt very relaxed. She is passionate to help me and improve my condition, and she really did!  I highly recommend her to my family and friends.


Matt Smith

★★★★★ Just amazing! When i came to see Anca, i had problems with my mobility and suffered discomfort from my neck to my feet. She took her time, asked and listened, which isn't always the case with some places. I was a little stunned as i left, no pain or discomfort, just walked back to my car feeling perfect! Would recommend Orchard Sports to everyone, save yourself some time and money trying other places, book in with Anca.


Jonny Meakin

★★★★★ I have now had several treatments with Anca for various sports injuries. From pulled calf muscles to locked neck muscles. She has dealt with them all successfully. Getting me back to my sport in the shortest time possible. She is a very intuitive therapist. Not only dealing with the injury itself but also any underlying problems that she can see. She can often see what the problem is before I tell her! She is extremely charming and puts you at ease from the outset. I highly recommend and Anca.


Jithesh Patel

★★★★★ Anca was brilliant.. Excellent advise she gave and very knowledgeable.... Highly recommended....

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